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What Should You Consider When Choosing A DSLR Camera

DSLR stands for digital single-lens reflex camera, and it’s one of the most advanced types of cameras on the market today. DSLR cameras are popular among both amateur and professional photographers because they offer advanced capabilities in a smaller, lighter package than other interchangeable lens cameras. These cameras also allow you to have full control over the image capture process, from the choice of lens to each adjustment to settings such as aperture and shutter speed.

Choosing which DSLR to buy can be an overwhelming process given the wide range of brands and models on the market today. And you’ll also need to choose between all the accessories available to customize your camera’s function and performance. We've compiled this guide with everything you need to know to make the right decision!

Choosing A DSLR

The Digital Single Lens Reflex is one of two major types of digital cameras, the other being a point and shoot. If you want to produce high quality images, choosing a good DSLR is vital to your success. The best way to choose a good digital single lens reflex camera depends on what kind of photos you intend to take with it.

Here’s what to consider when making your decision.

What's my Budget?

Cameras range widely in price, so it’s important to think about how much you can spend. Take into account extra costs such as lenses and external accessories, too; these might add significant value to your camera purchase.

If money is an issue, consider whether you want to go with a lower-cost DSLR or splurge on one of the high-end models that offer more bells and whistles. Your budget dictates how much you can buy today and the quality of the camera you choose has everything to do with what kind of photos you get tomorrow. The last thing you want is for your wallet and your pictures of the camera you choose!

The basic essentials for a beginner DSLR user would be to check build quality, display, and ISO range.  for high-quality images. If you’re into more advanced photography, then consider features like time-lapse, Autofocus lock, Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB), AE Lock (Locking The Exposure), and AE Lock (Locking The Exposure). There are many ways to save while buying a DSLR camera from popular brands like Canon, Nikon, Sony, and many more. Make sure your check the Discounts from JB Hi-Fi, Extra savings from eBay, Harvey Norman promotions, Sony vouchers, & more, before purchasing a DSLR to get good discounts.

Sensor Size

Sensor size is the most crucial element of any digital camera. It's something that many people often forget about, and yet it has so much to do with how well the pictures are going to come out!

Every digital single-lens reflex (DSLR) contains an image sensor, which captures what you see through your viewfinder and sends it to your memory card. The larger the sensor, the more accurate the images will appear - whether they are zoomed in or enlarged.

Lens Sizes

When choosing a DSLR, one of your biggest considerations should be lens size. Lenses are measured in millimeters and generally refer to focal length, which is the distance your camera can be from an object while still focusing clearly. While most lenses on entry-level cameras have short focal lengths (from 18mm–55mm), more expensive cameras offer wider lens options that cover everything from 24mm to 300mm or greater.

Megapixels Resolution

This term refers to the pixel size of a picture, usually in reference to a snapshot taken with a digital camera or cell phone. One megapixel is equivalent to 1 million pixels - this makes it easy for photographers to produce high-quality images that are less likely to distort at smaller sizes.

Megapixels are relevant in two ways when it comes to choosing a DSLR camera. First, they’re indicative of how large your photos will be. All else being equal, having more megapixels means your prints will look sharper and cleaner. It also means you can crop down your images without losing quality or clarity (although it does depend on what crop you choose). 

Video Recording Capabilities

Many DSLRs today have video recording capabilities and allow you to capture high-quality, HD videos. This is another feature that’s worth considering.

The Camera Body

It’s important to choose a camera with a body that suits your needs. If you travel frequently, opt for a lighter body. And if comfort is key to how much time you spend behind your lens, choose something more ergonomic.

Modes and Editing Features

It’s important to consider what kind of photography you’ll be doing with your new camera. If you plan on shooting videos, look for one that has video recording capabilities and focus peaking. These features will make it easier to capture steady footage by highlighting objects that are in focus. If you want to edit your photos later on, make sure your chosen model has Wi-Fi connectivity and a touchscreen LCD screen.


Digital single-lens reflex cameras are versatile devices. That’s why the best advice we can give is that you take advantage of their versatility when choosing one that’s right for you. The key to choosing the right DSLR camera is to match your specific needs and preferences with the features that each model has to offer. But no matter what kind of photographer you are or aspire to be; there is a DSLR out there that meets your needs perfectly. 


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