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Relaunching as a Single Brand, is Set to Revolutionize Coupons and Vouchers with its Unique Platform is on a mission to revolutionize the voucher and coupon landscape by addressing the most significant pain points for both deal-seekers and brands. After merging with The Bargain Avenue, SneakQIK has relaunched as a single brand and is set to transform coupons and vouchers into valuable assets.

SneakQIK's parent company, AdAvenue Media, has been in the coupons and deals industry for over a decade, driving millions of sales for thousands of brands and retailers. Throughout this journey, the company has witnessed the struggles that both brands and shoppers face with discounts and coupons.

"We understand that shoppers are tired of hunting for coupons and being bombarded with spam and fake deals," said a spokesperson for SneakQIK.

SneakQIK's Logo
SneakQIK's Logo

SneakQIK is committed to providing a platform that aims to be the one-stop solution for shoppers, making it easy for them to find genuine, trustworthy coupons and vouchers. SneakQIK's state-of-the-art platform includes legit coupons and vouchers such as secret codes, exclusive offers, sneak peeks and QIK Deals, all in one place within the shopper's personalized offer-feed.

The majority of online shoppers rely on search engines to find promo codes when finalizing their purchases, just before submitting their orders. However, the current coupon landscape is plagued by spammy and untrustworthy vouchers, including coupon websites that have learned to outsmart the bottom-of-the-funnel search system through non-working coupons and attention-seeking discount percentages that appear to be too good to be true to drive traffic and money. This leaves brands unable to get real value out of their marketing coupons and discounts, and bargain shoppers faced with misleading codes that never give the promised discount.

"Today's customers are left disappointed and frustrated when they look for coupon codes online. Typing a brand + coupon or a variation into a search engine mostly gives results that are all just hokum. Finding the right coupons has never been more difficult than it is now" said Katt Srinivasan, the founder of SneakQIK. "But we can't control many third-party websites, nor can we fix the search engines and the offers they show. But what we can do is provide a better platform to run effective discount and coupon campaigns, and educate brands and shoppers about how to leverage the right coupon codes and drive value."

SneakQIK has several features that address these aforementioned issues. It’s AI powered platform and personalised feed for matching offers help deal-seekers and shoppers follow their favourite brands and keep track of their bona-fide offers in one place. For brands, SneakQIK offers the driver's seat, giving full control and ownership of their deals page and offers. This allows brands to build customer trust, satisfaction, and loyalty, as well as grow their deals community for long-term engagement. Brands can also target shoppers based on their interests and preferences.

"Our ultimate goal is to get shoppers to start their deal and coupon searches at SneakQIK to find valid discounts instead of relying on a search engine. At the core, we want to bring brands and shoppers together on a single platform where they can interact and engage with each other and get the most value out of discounts and coupons." said the spokesperson. "If brands can save on their marketing costs, then we can pave the way to pass on real savings to our members."

SneakQIK's basic plan is always free for brands. In addition to the relaunch, SneakQIK has plans to develop a mobile app set to launch this year. SneakQIK plans to evolve into a social shopping platform, enabling more direct user interactions with brands. The company wants to build a large, comprehensive database of brands and retailers, small to big, with a focus on online brands at the moment. There are also plans to involve local brands and physical stores in the future.

"We believe that legit coupons and deals should be accessible to everyone, and we're proud to offer a platform that makes it easy to find them, giving a hassle-free shopping experience. We want to make SneakQIK the last coupon site you'll ever need" said the SneakQIK team.

With its innovative approach and commitment to delivering genuine value to both brands and shoppers, SneakQIK is well-positioned to revolutionize the coupons and deals industry. As the company continues to expand and evolve, it is sure to become a leading platform for shoppers and brands alike.

SneakQIK is currently live in Australia, featuring a curated collection of top offers and coupons from various brands, including exclusive deals, such as The Iconic voucher code and HP promo code providing shoppers with unique opportunities to save. Expansion plans are already underway for the Indian market, where the launch is scheduled for mid-year, which will be followed by the launch to US, UK and the rest of the world.

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