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Relaunching as a Vegan Deals community, is Set to Revolutionize Vegan Shopping with its Unique Platform has relaunched as vegan deals and specials hub and is on a mission to revolutionize vegan shopping.

SneakQIK's parent company, AdAvenue Media, has been in the coupons and deals industry for over a decade, driving millions of sales for thousands of Australian brands and retailers.  

"The moment has finally arrived. We're thrilled to share the news. We've made the switch to a full-fledged vegan website! We wish we had made this change sooner. Our platform is now your go-to destination for all things related to the plant-based lifestyle. By embracing a vegan lifestyle, individuals can make a positive impact on the environment, by reducing carbon footprint, promoting sustainability, preserving natural resources, halting deforestation, reducing harm to animals, and ultimately saving our planet for future generations." said the vegan founder of SneakQIK.

SneakQIK's Logo
SneakQIK's Logo

SneakQIK's state-of-the-art platform gives a sneak peek into the best vegan deals & finds from all your favourite stores that includes vegan specials, coupon codes, secret vouchers, exclusive offers, sneak peeks and QIK Deals, all in one place within the shopper's personalized offer-feed.

SneakQIK's AI-powered platform and personalized feed empower deal-seekers and vegan shoppers to effortlessly follow their favourite brands and stay updated on their top specials and offers, all conveniently in one place. For brands, SneakQIK offers the opportunity to create their profile and showcase their exclusive deals, allowing them to grow their deals community for long-term engagement. Additionally, brands can target shoppers based on their interests and preferences.

At the core, we want to bring vegan brands and shoppers together on a single platform where they can interact and engage with each other and get the most value out of vegan discounts and coupons."

SneakQIK's charges a small monthly fee for brands. The company wants to build a large, comprehensive database of vegan brands and retailers, small to big, with a focus on online brands at the moment.

"The offers we have don't last, and neither will the planet earth if we don't adopt veganism for a sustainable and climate-friendly future. Let's make a difference for everyone in this world." said the vegan founder of SneakQIK.

SneakQIK's logo also features a ticking clock, which serves as a powerful reminder of the urgency we face. Time is rapidly ticking away, not just for the limited-time offers we have but also for the well-being of our precious planet Earth.

SneakQIK is currently live in Australia, featuring a curated collection of top vegan and plant-based offers and coupons from various brands, including exclusive deals providing shoppers with unique opportunities to save. SneakQIK also has plans to develop a mobile app set to launch this year. Expansion plans are already underway for the Indian market, which will be followed by the launch to US, UK and the rest of the world.

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